Tonight, Serbs are lighting candles in front of the Church of Saint Sava for the victims of the north of Kosovo

Photo: Free Press Archive

In front of the Church of Saint Sava, citizens started lighting candles for the victims of the tragedy in the north of Kosovo.

As N1 reported, the area in front of the Temple was already full around 20:30 p.m., and photos of the victims of the conflict in Banjska were also published.
The citizens gathered peacefully, lit candles and paid their respects, reports the reporter of N1.

Then a banner was unfurled in front of the Temple with the images of the dead, as well as one that read: "We do not surrender."

Around 21:10 p.m., the church bells rang.

The situation in the north of Kosovo is calm even tonight, but still tense. The Kosovo court decided to keep in custody the three suspects of involvement in the murder of the policeman in the north of the country. The police previously seized vehicles with an arsenal of firearms of different calibers, explosives, ammunition and logistics for hundreds of people.

Meanwhile, Pristina is asking Belgrade to hand over the attackers who escaped after the clash with the Kosovo police. They also accused politicians of participating in the attacks.

Serbian President Vucic says they have nothing to do with it. Tomorrow in Serbia has been declared a Day of Mourning.

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