A Serb killed in Colombia

Colombia Police / Photo EPA-EFE/Luis Eduardo Noriega A.

Serbian citizen Slobodan Marjanovic (45) was shot and killed near the coastal city of Santa Marta in the north of Colombia, the media from that South American country reported, citing unnamed sources from the local police. The lifeless body was found by local residents on Sunday around 00:05 local time, on a road in a rural area outside the city, Hoy Diario del Magdalena reported in its online edition.

Witnesses told police they heard gunshots earlier and saw a car driving away in the direction of Santa Marta, but did not recognize the make or details of the car because it was dark. A witness told the police that the man was shot in the car and then thrown out on the road, El Informador reports.

Three gunshot wounds were found in the victim's head. The body was then transferred to the city morgue for an autopsy, where it needs to be fully identified and where the family of the murdered man is expected to arrive.

Santa Marta is a tourist city on the coast of the Caribbean Sea with almost 500.000 inhabitants. The murdered man had a bracelet on his arm from the hotel he may have stayed in, which is located in an area of ​​the city called El Rodadero.

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