Serbia is not neutral towards the war in Ukraine, says the Minister of European Integration

Photo by MIA

Serbia is not neutral in relation to the war in Ukraine - it is true that it is militarily neutral, but not politically, said the Minister of European Integration Tanja Miscevic and added that Serbia "constantly expresses support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine".

- The vote in the General Assembly on the occasion of the anniversary of the beginning of the war is another such indicator, and yesterday's sending of equipment for the restoration of the electricity system is an absolute support for the citizens. We always explain it with the fact that we know what a broken power system means, because we as citizens have survived it, although not at minus 20 like in Ukraine, and our empathy is therefore greater, Miscevic said.

At the session of the Commission of the Parliament of Serbia on European integrations, at which she presented the Report on the negotiations for the accession of Serbia to the European Union during the presidency with the Czech Republic, in the period from July to December 2022, which was accepted by that parliamentary body, Miscevic said that Serbia is the only country in the region that has sent that equipment, although the entire region possesses it.

- We are continuously monitoring, we are also in contact with the Embassy of Ukraine and through the mechanism for civil protection of the EU. what are all the humanitarian needs of this kind, Miscevic said.

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