Serbia will be left without Russian oil, because of it the EU does not exempt the Western Balkans from the sanctions

The European Union prepared a new package of sanctions against Russia, and in the final text of the proposal, the exception for the Western Balkans from the punitive measures related to Russian oil is no longer mentioned.

This means that from November 1, Serbia will no longer be able to be supplied with Russian oil through the Adriatic pipeline. According to the original plan, Serbia was exempted from the measures, and the solution was to import oil through the oil pipeline through Croatia.

At the same time, due to the refusal of the authorities in Belgrade to join the European sanctions against Russia, all countries from the Western Balkans will no longer be allowed to import oil and derivatives from Russia.

"Serbia does not impose sanctions on Russia, so it should not benefit from the exemption. The EU member states agree with this position", says a diplomatic source from the EU Radio Free Europe.

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