According to Mitsotakis, there is only one scenario: Either a one-party New Democracy government or new elections in August

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis / Photo EPA-EFE / LUDOVIC MARIN / POOL MAXPPP OUT

The leader of New Democracy, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, ruled out a coalition with PASOK or any of the other small right-wing parties, in case he does not get the necessary parliamentary majority for a one-party government in the June 25 elections, which would put the country in third place. elections in August.

Speaking on the state television ERT, Mitsotakis indicated that it is necessary for the country to get a strong and stable one-party government in order to be able to implement, as he said, the big changes.

In the event that New Democracy does not get the necessary 151 MPs for a one-party government, according to Mitsotakis "there is no other scenario" except new elections in August.

He emphasized that they did not close the door to PASOK, because "PASOK says that even if you have 149 MPs, it is impossible for me to cooperate, because I really want to be in the opposition."

- I remind the citizens who do not listen that we are voting for the government and not for the opposition. Considering that I categorically rejected any cooperation with parties and factions from the right of New Democracy, this scenario will lead us to elections in August, the president of New Democracy emphasized.

Regarding the relations with Turkey, Mitsotakis explained that if he becomes prime minister he will request a meeting with Turkish President Erdogan, while commenting on the situation in Euros with the increasing number of migrants from the past days, he assessed that there is no organized Turkish scenario, but probably some of the smugglers, because elections in Greece, they believe that it is easier to enter Greek territory.

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