Vlatko Stefanovski was a special guest at the performance of Zvjezdan Ružić at the opening of the 45th "Skopje Summer"

Vlatko Stefanovski and Zvjezdan Ružić

Award-winning Croatian pianist and composer Zvjezdan Ružić performed at the opening of the 45th anniversary edition of "Skopje Summer" on June 21 to a packed Kuršumli an. On his birthday, on World Music Day, Zvjezdan Ružić and his project "Pianotron" treated the audience in Skopje with an evening to remember!

In addition to the audience enjoying Ružić's original music, accompanied by a short story for each composition, in the pleasant setting in Kuršumli, a great surprise for the audience was the performance of Vlatko Stefanovski together with Zvjezdan, performing one of Zvjezdan's original compositions and the song "Eleno, daughter " in a new, subtle and unusual arrangement.

The "Pianotron" project is a combination of piano, mellotron and pedals that Zvjezdan plays on. He describes "Pianotron" as a kind of film music, decorated with influences from jazz, classical, pop, rock and ethnic music.

The opening of the 45th edition of the "Skopje Summer" festival, with its originality, specificity and quality, as an event will remain etched in the collective memory of the present Skopje citizens, but also of all those who found themselves in Skopje and decided to spend this very warm evening spent in Kurshumli an, located among the contents of "Skopje Summer".

- And this year, at this jubilee edition, through which we are slowly getting closer to half a century of existence of the event, we will have the opportunity to spend the Skopje summer evenings with the cultural events provided in the program, which we believe will leave traces in our memories with the same intensity, as well as those, all past years ago - they point out from the Directorate for Culture and Art - Skopje.

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