Spasovski visiting the Belica Police Camp: It is prestigious to be part of the EBR and SAE Tigar, units that are the backbone of the state and security

Photo: MIA

The Minister of the Interior, Oliver Spasovski, together with part of the management, visited the Belica Police Camp, where a drill test is underway as one phase of the selection process of candidates to fill the composition of the two elite special units at the Department of Special Police Operations within of the Public Security Bureau at the Ministry of the Interior.

During Spasovski's visit to the Police Camp Belica, demonstrative exercises were performed as part of the drill test, and he addressed the candidates for SAE Tigar and EBR.

- I congratulate you for applying for inclusion in the elite units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which are the pivot of the state and security. It is prestigious to be a part of SAE Tigar and EBR, noted Minister Spasovski, according to a statement from the Ministry of the Interior.

Photo: MIA

Spasovski also congratulated the candidates for the two units for the selection process so far.

- I congratulate the EBR candidates who passed the drill test and wish them to continue with the same dedication and enthusiasm to complete the training. I wish the candidates for SAE Tigar a successful start and strong commitment, and I wish you all to complete the training, said Minister Spasovski, adding that the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior is always there for them.

The 21-day drill test, as informed by the Ministry of the Interior, ends today for the candidates for the Rapid Deployment Unit, and begins for the candidates for the Tiger Special Anti-Terrorist Unit.

- On June 27.06.2023, 26, internal announcements were announced for the registration of candidates for EBR, that is, SAE Tigar, in which a total of 38 candidates were registered for the needs of the Rapid Deployment Unit, while a total of 15 candidates were registered for the needs of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit Tigar. After the tests of the registered candidates for EBR, which include physical fitness, psychological testing, phobia test and interview, in accordance with the EBR Selection Regulations, 13 candidates remained (2 male and 11.09.2023 female) who fulfilled the criteria from the tests and passed in the second phase, the so-called drill test selection, which was held in the period from 01.10.2023 to today (11) in the Police Camp Belica, according to the announcement from the Ministry of the Interior. The selection included several criteria, namely: physical fitness, independence, responsibility and discipline, cooperation and teamwork, reliability, communication skills, creativity and motivation, adaptability to different situations, resourcefulness and courage, weapon handling. At the same time, this phase of the selection was successfully completed by XNUMX candidates, including one police officer. The next third phase will include a five-month training that includes basic training in a rural environment, in an urban environment and training for the establishment of JRM on a larger scale, and will be carried out in Krani, Ponikva and in the EBR base - Gjorce Petrov Police Center. Candidates who successfully complete the planned trainings will be part of the composition of this special unit.

Photo: MIA

The registered candidates for SAE Tigar, as informed by the Ministry of the Interior, after the tests carried out in accordance with the Rules for admission and selection of this organizational unit, which include, among other things, psychophysical checks and tests for phobias of heights, narrow spaces and water, fulfilling the criteria, as of today 28 candidates continue in the second phase of the drill test for a period of 21 days, which will last until October 22 at the Belica Police Camp.

During the drill test, SAE Tiger candidates will be subjected to increased psychophysical effort, without opportunities for communication outside the camp, long-distance marches, handling of weapons, adaptation in space, etc., and those who successfully complete it and this second phase of the selection process, they will go to selective training for a duration of six months in rural areas of the state. Candidates who successfully complete the selective training will deservedly receive the SAE Tiger emblem, as members of this elite unit.

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