Spasovski says there is no need to introduce a law on amnesty

Oliver Spasovski - Minister of Internal Affairs / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" / Dragan Mitreski

The adoption of the amnesty law is unnecessary, said the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski. He believes that its application will not change the situation with overcrowding in prisons, and as he says, it is not even a moment for amnesty.

"First of all, neither the time nor the moment of passing an amnesty law is appropriate. Second, the coverage, which is at least reported to cover a fairly small number of people, will also not help much. We will not have any effects in terms of bringing about the legal solution, it will not contribute significantly to freeing up places, etc. or to reduce the pressure on KPU. I think that the state should think strategically in increasing the capacity of prison institutions", said Oliver Spasovski, Minister of Internal Affairs.

According to him, amnesties very often repeat their crimes after leaving prison.

"We always point out that those people who have committed crimes, first of all, robberies, serious thefts, etc., represent another burden on the security situation, or if we look at the past amnesty laws, you will see that the majority of those people for two to for three months, they come back again because they have committed criminal acts that we deal with every day," says the Minister of the Interior.

The law on amnesty, prepared by the Ministry of Justice, is expected to be presented to the deputies in ten days. The opposition opposes its adoption and announced numerous amendments. With an amendment, the government will also prevent accomplices of serious crimes from being released from prison.

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