VIDEO | Spasovski: Vanja tied up and stuffed in a sleeping bag in the trunk

photo: Facebook, fourteen-year-old Vanja from Skopje has disappeared

Minister Oliver Spasovski at the press conference about the murder of the teenager Vanja Gjorchevska says that the girl was tied and put in a sleeping bag, after which she was taken to the village of Brazda in Skopje, Montenegro.

Spasovski: The killer fled to Belgrade, from where he is leaving for Bulgaria

"According to the confession and the statements, it was determined that the two of the people who were with the Citroen vehicle, and according to the previously received information they had the evening before the abduction, that the girl would be alone, at what time and so on, at the entrance of the building they take him and practically with his hands and feet tied, he is put in a sleeping bag and they take him out and put him in the trunk", reveals Spasovski.

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PHOTO: Mourning atmosphere in "J.H. Pestalozzi" Elementary School - an open book of mourning

Near the village of Skopje, the murder was committed and the vehicle was set on fire.

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