Spasovski: With EU membership, we can correct the systemic mistakes made over the years

Photo: SDSM

It is time for better and more, for the implementation of European standards in all segments of life, the holder of the list from Constituency 2 of SDSM, Oliver Spasovski, said at today's press conference in Kumanovo.

The focus, he pointed out, is once again placed on the citizens, and the measures and policies are a response to their needs.

- We are all aware that real changes can only happen by joining the European family. We need membership in the EU so that we can more quickly and efficiently correct the systemic mistakes made over the years and improve the quality of life, said Spasovski.

European values, he pointed out, will enable a better standard of living, investments, infrastructure, education, health, social justice.

- Let's build a truly humane society for all, as a continuation and upgrade of the established concept "One society for all", said Spasovski.

SDSM, he emphasized, stands for social justice, a fair system.

-People have always been important to us, as opposed to Styrofoam facades, monuments and the restoration of the VMRO-DPMNE regime. We showed that with the legal solution with which we solved the decade-long problem of bankrupts in the past mandate. We corrected the long-standing injustice that was inflicted on these fellow citizens of ours. They previously faced painful procedures for years, they went through a real calvary wandering through the streets in search of their dust, said Spasovski.

He reminded that 13.000 people who lost their jobs due to bankruptcy, liquidation, redundancy, received an appropriate monthly compensation, the right to material security, in the amount of 34 percent of the average salary per worker until retirement or re-employment.

Spasovski said that since 2017, legal solutions have been adopted for all citizens, for a dignified life, systemic solutions for citizens' problems, a fair, just society, concern for stability and tranquility.

- Fully aware that this is not enough and that our citizens deserve more, our plan for the development of the country envisages bringing Europe to Macedonia. During the negotiations with the European Union, we will inevitably implement reforms that will ensure a European quality of life for all citizens and dignified living conditions for the vulnerable categories. Now, when the fulfillment of the European dream is at our fingertips, there is no giving up on the future. Spasovski said.

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