Spasovski: Five people arrested last night in connection with the disappearance of Vanja Gjorchevska

Five people were detained late last night in connection with the disappearance of Vanja Gjorchevska, a fourteen-year-old teenager who has been missing since Monday. The investigation has made progress, but in the interest of the investigation no more information can be given, said today the Minister of Internal Affairs, Oliver Spasovski.

- A series of criminal investigative measures have been undertaken in the past period in order to determine all the facts, which we will announce at the moment when they should be announced.
Last night, late at night, the work was also intense, we have detained 5 people and provided one vehicle with which the work continues. It is something plus that we took in relation to everything as evidence or trace, in order to reach a complete clearing of this case - said Spasovski.
Spasovski explained that all basements in the vicinity of the center have been searched, all witnesses have been interviewed, videos from 50 cameras have been reviewed, the bed of the Vardar River, monasteries have been searched and that the investigation continues. Vanja disappeared on Monday after 7.20:XNUMX a.m. and after her class called her mother Zorica, explaining that Vanja was not at school. The mother's statement that she suspects the kidnapping of her daughter.

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