Spasovski from Kumanovo: Overcome the crises, the energy companies are in the hands of the citizens

Oliver Spasovski's press conference / Photo: Facebook

The holder of the list from electoral unit 2 of the Coalition "For European Macedonia", Oliver Spasovski said at today's press conference that the pandemic, economic and energy crisis have been overcome in the past period and announced new measures from the program in the energy sector.

- We successfully bridged the crises. Institutions in the energy sector safely passed the crisis despite the announced apocalypse and the active blockade of the Parliament by the opposition. "Electricity will become more expensive by 40 percent," claimed the so-called energy experts from VMRO DPMNE, trying with manipulations to create additional panic among the people. The same people whose rule made electricity even 100 percent more expensive, without a global energy crisis, and canceled the cheap daily tariff for citizens, said Spasovski.

He said that SDSM not only did not allow price increases, but with successful energy policies, it protected the standard of citizens and maintained the energy sector. Subsidized price of electricity up to 90 percent for over 600 thousand households, but also for 68.000 small consumers in which 98 percent of workers in the private sector are employed. The holder of the list pointed out that the prices for electricity bills for households, those who spend less, have been reduced, the cheap tariff has been returned, which ensures a saving of 1.000 denars per month.

- Let me remind you of the decisions of the Regulatory Commission, with which the price of heating was reduced by 35 percent. In the next mandate, we plan to introduce energy packages for pensioners who live alone, in the amount of 1.500 denars per month in the period from October to March. We continue the fight against energy poverty through even greater support for vulnerable categories of citizens with new financial and non-financial measures, said Spasovski.

He said that this "visionary approach" contributed to increasing energy independence and stable and reliable electricity delivery, that there were no restrictions, the budget of pensioners and vulnerable groups was taken care of.

- SDSM did not spend money on grandiose monuments that will testify to the time of one rule. We invested in domestic electricity production, which we increased by 45 percent. For the first time after 12 years, TEC Negotino was activated, the same one that they were trying so hard to sell. And all this contributed to the fact that the import of electricity was drastically reduced, said Spasovski.

Regarding the gas pipeline, he emphasized that SDSM has built over 270 kilometers of gas pipeline network and announced that the construction of main and secondary gas pipeline networks will continue in the coming period. So far, he said, projects with a capacity of about 700 megawatts of renewable energy sources have been implemented.

– Let me remind you, until 2016 there were only 16 megawatts. The difference is 44 times more. This is also important from an environmental point of view, said Spasovski.

He said that they will say no to new fossil technologies, except for gas, but also to the construction of new small hydropower plants. - Because personal interests cannot and must not come before the state's interest in protecting natural resources and our national parks. Another priority, both energetically and ecologically, is the use of the hot water network, said Spasovski. He added that they are planning to expand the network in Skopje and build a new system in Bitola, a new concept is planned that will reduce costs. SDSM said it has a plan to ensure energy independence by increasing energy production by at least 70 percent by 2028 compared to 2019 and added that state energy companies will put them in the hands of citizens. The holder of the list once again reminded of the importance of the road to the EU, from which he said, there is no giving up.

- That is why the path to the EU is the only option. In addition to energy, it will bring environmental, social and economic benefits. There is no other option, because everything else leads to a dead end. Therefore, there is no withdrawal from the EU, he pointed out.

Spasovski called the citizens to tomorrow's rally in Skopje and urged the citizens to vote.

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