Spasovski: Soon a group of Macedonian citizens will receive a report for terrorism

Oliver Spasovski - Minister of Internal Affairs / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski, in his weekly interview with Radio Free Europe, says that soon, a group of Macedonian citizens will receive criminal charges for terrorism due to false reports of bombs in schools.

- For us, it was very important that the safety of the citizens, the students of the teaching staff be at the highest possible level, and absolutely nothing has changed with the protocols in that part, so the safety must be maintained at a high level. We have already submitted one criminal complaint against a minor and we are practically entering a group of people who participated in sending the reports electronically and precisely using VIP addresses, etc. and we are in a position for which very soon the whole group will be completely exposed, criminal charges will be filed for the act of terrorism. And this, as an occurrence, enabled us to practically make changes in the part of the protocols for the procedure, says Minister Spasovski.

He adds that the criminal complaint is for Macedonian citizens.

- Yes, as I said, we filed a criminal case against a minor, but we are also dealing with another group that are interconnected in terms of the reports, explained Spasovski.

The police cannot yet disclose details of the hacking attack on the Health Fund, but there has been progress.

-Investigations are being conducted for all these institutions in which there were hybrid attacks. There is serious progress, data and information are being obtained. The very fact that we need to provide this data through international legal assistance also indicates that there should be more time in this aspect, said Spasovski.

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