Spasovski will support returning the money to the citizens who gave for passports with "Severna"

Is it possible to reach a solution, to return the money to the citizens that they gave for passports with "Severna"? This issue has been relevant for a long time, but whether the future government will implement this plan remains to be seen. The ombudsman expressed this position recently, but this was also the position of the opposition, which is now preparing to form a government.

Former Minister of Internal Affairs Oliver Spasovski, when asked whether money will be returned to citizens for changing passports with the new name, answered that he would support such a decision if it was made in the new government.

"That position of the Ombudsman was expressed a long time ago, and if we remember, the opposition also shared that position, so here it is now. If they agree, then I will support the decision to return money to the citizens for the passports," said Spasovski in the "ClickPlus" show on TV 21.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, spoke about this plan earlier.

Three months ago, the government announced that it was considering returning the money to citizens who had spent it on new ones and had valid personal documents.

"With the new prime minister, a working group was immediately formed at the first session to find solutions. Solutions for which there are several scenarios, from the possibility of the state compensating those who have a valid passport and must change it due to the Agreement, to the possibility of reorganizing services. "Today was the first meeting of that working group," said Osmani in February this year. 


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