Spasovski: There are several reasons for the defeat of SDSM, not a single MP from SDSM will support the majority

The former Minister of Internal Affairs, and now elected MP from SDSM, Oliver Spasovski, believes that there are several reasons for the defeat of his party in the elections. Among them, he pointed out the Agreement with Bulgaria, but also the behavior of the coalition partner DUI, in contrast to the situation in the country.

- There are several reasons for such a result, but if we have to single out a few, they are the very arrangement of the party to do the most difficult things for the country to be able to move forward, and that is the Agreement with Bulgaria, which was talked about by the public all the time. The behavior of DUI is in line with SDSM, in line with the situation in the country. The events that happened to us during all these years, the personnel potential, etc., I think have a great impact, Spasovski told Klik Plus on TV 21.

Spasovski says that there were issues on which there was no agreement with DUI, which were not closed, on which they were confronted, but he believes that there should be a debate in the Government and in every institution.

- What is good to accept, what is not not to accept. The public perception is that whatever DUI asks for, SDSM gives it. We will see if that perception is imposed for a reason or if there is no reason. Unfortunately, politics is primarily perception. No matter what you see in the decisions. The same topic that was discussed, everything that is asked for is obtained, here is an opportunity to see how the new government, the new coalition will be formed, to see how the relations between the new coalition parties will be now. When I talk about a responsible approach, I am talking about an approach that is important and useful for the country, for the future of the country and for the citizens. If we are talking about personal interest, then it is very easy to come out with views, said Spasovski.

The former minister says that no MP from SDSM will support the current SDSM majority.

- I am convinced that there is no MP from SDSM who will support the current majority, said Spasovski.

Answering the question whether money will be returned to the citizens for changing passports with the new name, he said that he would support such a decision if it was made in the new government.

- That position of the Ombudsman was expressed a long time ago, and if we remember, the opposition also shared that position, so here it is now. If they come to an agreement, then I will support the decision to return money to the citizens for the passports, said Spasovski.

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