Spasovski appeals not to speculate about the case, the Ministry of the Interior is working to find Vanja

14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska is still missing. She disappeared yesterday morning, walking alone to the elementary school "Johan Heinrich Pestalozzi" in Skopje. According to information from the parents and the Ministry of the Interior, the girl was last seen in Debar Maalo.

The Minister of the Interior, Oliver Spasovski, in an interview with MIA in Brussels regarding the case of the disappearance of the minor Vanja Gjorchevska, stated tonight that the Ministry of the Interior actively joined the search immediately after receiving the report about the girl's disappearance from Skopje and intensively searched for her. a special team established by SVR in Skopje works.

"Last night until late at night, practically until the morning hours, this entire team, led by the head of SVR - Skopje, worked. A series of activities were carried out, checks and taking of statements, conversation with the family, etc..., all in order to get some initial information", said Spasovski.

He emphasized that the Ministry of the Interior will take all necessary measures and activities in order to obtain information so that the girl can be found.

"I appeal to the citizens to really receive the information from the Ministry of the Interior, and in that way it will help us achieve the goal the most." Let's not make speculations in the public that can further heat up the atmosphere", said Spasovski, who today in Brussels participated in the International Conference of the Global Alliance to Combat Smuggling of Migrants organized by the European Commission.


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