Spasovski: If the son of Deputy Interior Minister Nazim Bushi committed a crime, he will bear responsibility

Oliver Spasovski, Minister of Internal Affairs

The Minister of the Interior Oliver Spasovski, answering a journalist's question regarding the allegations of the involvement of the son of the Deputy Minister of the Interior Nazim Bushi in the theft of cannabis oil from the "5 Letters" factory, said that it was speculation and that today will inform about the case, stressing that anyone who has committed an offense must bear responsibility, regardless of whether it is a minister, a director or an ordinary citizen.

This is a question that is not based on any facts and I think it is best for you to hear, to wait for all the arguments and facts that relate to this whole process and to place those arguments and facts in the public. During the day, we will come out with specific information about this case and we will know all the data and facts. Those facts and data do not match your facts and speculations. A lot of what you said is speculation, Spasovski stressed, answering the question of how much Bushi's son is involved in the investigation into the theft of the cannabis oil, given that his car was photographed the day the theft took place at "5 Letters".

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