Save your skin from the cold: Three quick soft hand masks

hand mask
Panthermedia / Profimedia

We often forget that when temperatures drop below zero, that our skin is most sensitive to cold, and that it needs proper care. It has been proven that our hands first "suffer" from the impact of cold weather, and then the skin of the face.

If you want to do something useful for you and your skin today, we suggest three quick masks to keep your hands soft.

Hydration mask

In winter, the best masks are those that nourish the skin and do not make it oily. This mask is made of only two ingredients: honey and aloe. Mix the aloe gel with the honey and massage the mixture on your hands, then put on plastic gloves or plain bags. Wait 20 minutes and then rinse your hands.

Regeneration mask

If your skin on your hands is prone to rapid drying and cracking, this mask is a complete hit. Buy vitamin A at a pharmacy and mix it with a spoonful of crushed banana. Apply on hands and leave for half an hour. Vitamin A and banana in combination help best for skin absorption and fast recovery. You can also do this on dry parts of the face, knees and elbows.

Anti-aging skin mask

It is known that the hands best show age, but we can not stop the aging process. We can only soften it, and it is most easily achieved with an unusual combination for a mask: mix ground coffee with crushed walnuts and Vaseline, to become like a peeling. Apply this mixture on your hands and after 20 minutes wash them with warm water.

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