The Council of the City of Skopje decided: High school students ride the bus for free during the summer

JSP buses / Photo: MIA

The high school students they will ride this summer free on the bus even though the school year and regular classes are over. Such a decision, proposed by the mayor Danela Arsovska, was made today unanimously accepted by all councilors in the Council of the City of Skopje, so that instead of during the school year as before, high school students will be able to ride public transport for free throughout the year.

Arsovska suggests that high school students ride the bus for free all summer

As he pointed out Gorjan Jovanovski from "Green Human City" this decision is to be welcomed because high school students are high school students all year round, not just from September 1 to June 10. According to him, this will motivate them to use public transport more for all their activities this summer.

For organizing and implementing the free school transport, instead of the foreseen 42 million denars, 92 million will be allocated, that is, 50 million denars more, which should be provided from several items from the city budget.

The free student transportation will improve and facilitate the performance of the numerous extracurricular activities of the students, their obligations to attend practical training, for additional and preparatory teaching and for other sports activities and movement needs. At the same time, this project further eases the burden on the family budgets of all students enrolled in secondary schools in the City of Skopje - it is said in the explanation of the Decision.

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