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Council of Europe demands improvement of conditions in Idrizovo and Shutka

Northern Macedonia needs to establish a professional prison service, effective oversight of prison management and provide better conditions for detainees in Idrizovo and Skopje prisons, according to a report by the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CPT). ) for 2020, dedicated to the ad hoc visit of his delegation to the country.

- The ad hoc visit to Northern Macedonia in December focused on the treatment and prison conditions for persons in the Idrizovo and Skopje prisons. The aim was also to assess the progress made since the Committee's periodic visit in December 2019. The delegation also visited the police stations Bit Pazar, Gazi Baba, Karpos and Kisela Voda in Skopje, according to the report of this body of the Council of Europe.

As the MIA correspondent reported, The committee points out that it has intensified its ongoing dialogue through high-level talks, with its delegation talking to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Justice on December 9 last year.

- The discussion highlighted the need for a professional prison service with clear guidelines and effective oversight of how it is managed. It was also recognized that the Ministry of Health should invest more in improving the health care provided to detainees. The necessary measures for providing better conditions for the prisoners in the prisons in Idrizovo and Skopje and for establishing an incentive regime were also discussed. is indicated in the report.

According to the Committee, things are moving in a positive direction all the time, but there are still "serious issues to be resolved".

- The high-level talks, in which the Prime Minister of Northern Macedonia is involved, demonstrate the commitment of the authorities of Northern Macedonia to get involved and implement the recommendations of the Committee, stressed the President of the CPT, Alan Mitchell.

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