Councilors should support the construction of a street in Chair worth 2,3 million euros, "Green Humane City" says: First let the project be announced publicly!

Tomorrow, the councilors of the city council will once again find the proposal-decision to establish inter-municipal cooperation between the City of Skopje and the Municipality of Chair for the preparation of project documentation and the construction of Cvetan Dimov Street, which was not voted on at the previous session. It is about the section from the intersection with Nikola Karev Boulevard to the intersection with John Kennedy Street and Hristijan Todorovski Karposh Street.

As stated in the draft decision, the City of Skopje will participate in the implementation of this cooperation with funds in the amount of 140.000.000 denars, that is, about 2,3 million euros, including VAT. The money will be provided from the city budget this year and in the next two years, namely 10.000.000 denars for 2023, 70.000.000 denars for 2024 and 60.000.000 denars for 2025, from the JDA 482130 subprogram, as well as by solving the property legal issues. disputes. The participation of the Municipality of Chair in the proposed cooperation is through the preparation of a revised Urban Project.

Before tomorrow's session, they announced from "Green Humane City", whose two councilors are part of the current composition of the Council of the City of Skopje, with the view that for the second session in a row the councilors are expected to vote, as they say; a fantastic 140 million denars for the construction of Cvetan Dimov Street in the Municipality of Chair, for which there is no publicly available project, but the Municipality of Chair has yet to make it, i.e. revise it.

140 million denars is 20 percent of the City of Skopje's budget for streets and roads for 2023. In addition, public money will be spent on expropriation, and at this moment we have no information on how much it will cost - say "Green Humane City".

From there, they emphasize that the bad practice of asking the councilors to vote for the construction and reconstruction of streets in Skopje, for which no one has seen the project that will be worked on, must come to an end. They say they will only support the project if the existing street trees remain and infrastructure is provided for both pedestrians and cyclists.

We will support the implementation of this proposal only if the project is first publicly announced, which will be worked on to ensure both us and the entire public that the decades-old tree line on that street will remain intact, that the lanes will have a maximum width of 3 meters, and that there will be adequate and functional pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, inclusively planned to meet the needs of persons with disabilities and all vulnerable categories of citizens. We've had enough of Karangelesque scenarios in this city and deadly autocentric deserts! We are losing the greenery in Skopje at the speed of light - emphasizes the Initiative.

"Green Human City" reminds that every year more than 4.000 citizens die prematurely as a result of polluted air, and there are no statistics on how many die prematurely from heat waves due to the reduction of greenery.

Otherwise, at tomorrow's session of the Council on the agenda is the Information on the financial situation of the City of Skopje and public enterprises, which the councilors from SDSM requested after the information was disclosed in the media that the City is facing bankruptcy due to large debts, as well as Information on the burnt bridge. Belasica" and its rapid rehabilitation, at the request of the advisory group of VMRO-DPMNE.

The councilors have to speak again about the City's proposals that were not adopted twice, and now they are appearing before the Council slightly modified, for giving subsidies to citizens and taxi companies that will buy a new electric vehicle, unlike before when the proposal referred to subsidies for the purchase of a hybrid vehicle. The proposed subsidy amount remains the same – 200.000 denars per vehicle.

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