VIDEO | Tips: With these tricks, the peppers stay fresh for up to a month

Red peppers - ajvarki/Photo: Unsplash

The peppers they can last up to 4 week, if you know how to store them.

If you don't store them properly, the peppers will shrivel quickly and not be very tasty.

Always be sure to buy fresh peppers. The peppers at the bottom of the crate are fresher, keep that in mind!

Another thing about buying peppers in a plastic bag is that you have to take them out of the bag when you get home. Never wash them before putting them in the fridge, as the moisture on the outside of the peppers causes them to spoil more quickly.

Peppers should be stored in a dry place in the refrigerator such as the vegetable drawer. It is best to store them in a plastic container with a lid.

When you freeze them, don't freeze them whole, but chopped.

In the video below the text, it is very well explained how best to store the peppers so they last longer.

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