Advice from "Zhan Mitrev" Clinic: Phobias - let's not ignore them, there is a solution

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Although they are usually different, what is characteristic of phobias is that they are mostly illogical, that is, completely harmless situations for people without a phobia, but for those who suffer from a phobia, they can cause real panic attacks. Phobias of any kind should be taken seriously and treated professionally.

What are specific phobias?

There are countless specific phobias, which are always clearly characterized by a strong fear of a certain situation or a certain object. Specific phobias include strong fears of: certain animals such as insects, mice, spiders, snakes, dogs; extreme altitude; flying; darkness; closed spaces such as, for example, – elevators, shops, hotel rooms (claustrophobia); congestion; public toilets; syringes or blood; own appearance or certain body parts (dysmorphophobia).

What is social phobia?

Social phobias are also known as social neuroses. They are often associated with very low self-esteem or low self-esteem. People with social phobia have a hard time coping with challenging situations, such as a public presentation or speech – then they turn red, their hands shake, they often feel nauseous and they constantly feel like they need to go to the bathroom. For some people, the triggering situations can be even more manifest, sometimes just being invited to dinner is enough to feel fear, shame or anger. In the case of social phobia, such symptoms can escalate to massive panic attacks.

What is agoraphobia?

A frequent subgroup of phobias is agoraphobia, fear of staying in public or large spaces with mental fear of getting into a certain situation for which there is no escape, which is why they have pronounced avoidance behavior. Sometimes the fear increases to such an extent that people with agoraphobia no longer dare to leave the house.

What are the causes of phobias?

When it comes to phobias, they usually appear for a variety of reasons. A basic distinction is made between biological, psychological and social factors.
Biological factors can be: certain genetic or family predispositions; increased activity of the autonomic nervous system that leads to easy excitability and excessive reactions from external and emotional events. Just as some people have physical "weak spots" such as the stomach, back, heart, liver or kidneys, the autonomic nervous system is a particularly sensitive organ in people with anxiety or phobic disorders. Congenital personality traits or physical disorders for which there is no known cause.

Psychological factors:

Adverse experiences in childhood and youth, for example: violence, ridicule and isolation due to external characteristics (appearance, clothing, skin color, religion, family, etc.) or due to personality traits such as shyness, introversion.

Lack of self-esteem due to an adopted parenting style characterized by fear or lack of self-worth; excessive perfectionism at home and/or at work; social factors; critical life events, for example, divorce of parents; unhappy partnership; serious illness; leaving home and separation from family; pregnancy, overload due to multiple responsibilities. As well as experienced negative experiences in social functioning, for example: redness or trembling of the voice before a public performance, heart palpitations or shaking of legs before an exam, etc.

It is crucial to know that the phobia does not have to determine your life and everyday life and that there is a solution for this condition. Treatment may include a medication or psychotherapy approach or a combination thereof.

Schedule a psychiatric examination in order to conduct an individual assessment and treatment of the established mental condition.
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