Kosovo Security Council: Serbia owns thousands of drones like the ones used to attack Israel

photo: Panthermedia / Profimedia

At the request of Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti, the Security Council of Kosovo held a session on Sunday evening regarding Iran's attack on the State of Israel and the possible implications for global and regional peace and security, the MIA correspondent from Pristina reported.

According to today's announcement by the Government of Kosovo, it was pointed out at the meeting that Serbia, "which continuously shows aggressive behavior" towards Kosovo, possesses thousands of drones like those used by Iran to carry out the attack.

- The Government of the Republic of Kosovo immediately condemned Iran's attack on Israel, evaluating it as an unprecedented act that poses a risk for destabilization of the Middle East and further escalation of the security situation. The attack was carried out by Iranian-made "Shahid" drones. Thousands of such drones are also owned by Serbia, which continuously shows aggressive behavior towards our Republic, especially along the border we share, according to the announcement.

It states that "the security institutions of the Republic of Kosovo are closely monitoring the latest developments and monitor the security situation on a daily basis and in close coordination and cooperation with (the NATO mission in the country) KFOR and strategic partners

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