Neighbors of the father who tortured his daughter from Belgrade revealed details of the arrest

Photo: Uroš Pašajlić Photo: MUP

Neighborhood of Uros Pasajlic (38), who was arrested yesterday on suspicion that for years he kept his daughter (8) in an apartment, in a bathtub, in terrible and inhumane conditions, for the Serbian media "new" said that the "father from hell" had been hiding in the apartment in the Belgrade neighborhood for months and claims that she personally saw him the night before he was arrested.

As the neighbor explains, when she was returning to the building where she lives, someone ran out of the entrance and started running towards the nearby store.

"I was walking towards the entrance, around midnight, when a neighbor entered the building with his dogs. Suddenly, all the lights in the entrance turned on, and a man who, according to the description, looks like the father the police are looking for ran out of the basement. I was scared," said the neighbor to "".

Considering that the apartment where the father kept the girl for years could be seen from the entrance of the building, she says that she was horrified by the thought that she passed there every day, and a child was being abused in the apartment.

"I saw this skinny guy and at first I thought someone had tried to steal a bike, but then I saw him try to get in the door next door, but because it was locked, he jumped over the wall and ran down the street. "This morning, when I saw the picture in the newspaper, I connected the picture and realized that it was that man," she said.

One day after the Belgrade citizen I.L. reported to the police station that her husband Uros Pasajlic brutally beat her and that he kept her daughter as a slave for a long time, this woman came to the presence of the police in front of the building, where she spent about an hour, and then left.

"She doesn't live here, she came yesterday almost barefoot and talked to the police. "He sat on the stairs for almost an hour, and then he left," said the residents of the building.

The monster father, who kept his eight-year-old daughter captive in an apartment in Belgrade, was arrested

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