Cooperation with veterinary services from Serbia and Croatia in dealing with the African plague

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Delegations from veterinary services and institutions from Republic of Serbia and Republic of Croatia today will be on a working visit to The Veterinary Chamber of the Republic of Northern Macedonia.

- The visit of the delegations is in order to exchange information and experiences regarding the epidemiological situation in the region, with special reference to the African swine fever, a disease that has previously appeared in the Republic of Serbia and whose experiences are valuable in dealing with this disease in our state. Issues of interest for veterinary medicine and deepening of the cooperation between the veterinary institutions in the region will be discussed, informed the Veterinary Chamber of Northern Macedonia.

They announce that they will sign a cooperation agreement with the Association of Veterinarians of Serbia, which deepens the cooperation in the field of continuing education of veterinary doctors in clinical practice.

The Veterinary Chamber will be visited by Dr. Ivan Zemljak, President of the Croatian Veterinary Chamber, and Dr. Andjelko Gaspar, Expert Secretary of the HVK, as well as Dr. Misho Kolarevic, President of the Veterinary Chamber of Serbia and Director of the Veterinary Institute in Kraljevo, Dr. Milos Petrovic, Director of the Veterinary Institute Nis, Dr. Vesna Djordjevic, Director of the Meat Institute Belgrade, Dr. Nikola Milutinovic, Director of the Veterinary Institute Sabac and Dr. Bojan Blond, President of the Association of veterinary practitioners of the Republic of Serbia.


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