The traffic is uninterrupted, on dry roads

Evzoni border crossing / Photo: EPA-EFE / GEORGI LICOVSKI

The traffic intensity on the roads outside the urban areas is moderate. At the border crossings, on the Macedonian side, there are no longer delays for entry and exit from the country.

AMSM recommends adjusted speed, observance of the set traffic signals and careful management of vehicles, especially on the roads through the valleys, river valleys and gorges, where there is a possibility of landslides. This especially refers to the sections Katlanovo - Veles, Mavrovo - Debar - Struga, Vinica - Berovo and Kocani - Delchevo.


Viaduct Trade reports that on 24.8.2021 (Tuesday) in the period from 10.00 to 16.00, for a period of 60-90 days, a temporary change of the traffic regime will be valid, due to construction activities - asphalting, with complete closure of the section Mavrovi Anovi - роirovnica (from the dam).

STRABAG AG reports that from 24.08.2021, due to construction activities on the express road A4 Stip-Radovish, from 17.00 the traffic on the move Buchim - Radovish, will be performed on a parallel road with limited speed of 30 to 60 km / h. The diversion is done due to asphalt works on the same move on the main road.

STRABAG AG informs that based on the Approval for temporary change of the traffic regime on the state road A1 section Veles - Negotino, for the construction of the intersection Gradsko as part of the highway A1 issued by the Ministry of Transport and Communications on 22.07.2021 with number 11 -up / 52/4, construction works will be performed on the previously mentioned section and in the next 12 months a temporary change of the traffic regime will be applied.

Sintek Engineering DOOEL reports that in accordance with the approval for closing the traffic with number 11-3431 / 4 from 23.7.2021, due to repair works, the bridge over the river Pchinja (Dobroshane) will be closed for traffic in the next 100 days. A signalization is set that will regulate the traffic to and from Kumanovo.

STRABAG AG reports that starting from 21.07.2021, the traffic on the section between the junctions Stip - West to the junction Stip - South will be completely closed. The traffic will be redirected on the already existing Regional road that passes through Stip through Novo Selo to the junction Stip-south.

DGT Zikol informs all drivers that due to construction works on the road Miladinovci - Sveti Nikole - Stip, ie on the sections Kadrifakovo and Preod, due to the construction of the toll stations from 6.5.2021. the traffic takes place in accordance with the approved temporary traffic regime.

EXCAVATORS - MK DOOEL SKOPJE reports that from 21.4.2021, rehabilitation of the state road A2, section: Kumanovo - Stracin part 1: from KM 0 + 000.00 to KM 15 + 195,85 has started

DG Beton AD - Skopje reports that construction works are being carried out for rehabilitation by widening the State Road A1, section Petrovec - Katlanovo (left and right road), ie from km. 37 + 046.94 to km. 41 + 798.92 in the direction from Petrovec to Katlanovo and from 23 + 271.08 to 28 + 460.76 in the direction from Katlanovo to Petrovec. At the place of construction works, a temporary two-way traffic regime takes place with appropriate traffic signals. The traffic is continuous without stopping. Recommendation to drivers for adjusted speed and observance of the set traffic signals.

On the road Kicevo - Ohrid, due to construction works on several sections, the traffic is deviated. Appropriate traffic signalization is set and therefore we recommend strict observance of the same and adjusted speed.

GD Granit is rehabilitating the regional road R1303, section Kicevo - Makedonski Brod, in a total length of 26 km. Section 1 section will be performed section by section. The traffic during the works will take place in one lane and will be regulated by passing vehicles coordinated with flags.

GD Granit AD Skopje reports that in accordance with the issued approval for temporary traffic regime during the reconstruction and rehabilitation of state road A2, section Kriva Palanka - BCP Deve Bair, in the period from 11.5.2020. to 2.2022 The basic construction project envisages scraping and asphalting of the existing road as well as widening, ie construction of a third lane on the existing road. During the working hours the regulation will be performed with workers, and after the end of the working hours, the regulation will be performed with light signalization - traffic lights (from Kriva Palanka to the border crossing Deve Bair).


We would like to inform you that on 25.8.2021 (Wednesday) due to construction works on part of Kiro Gligorov Blvd., on a move from the intersection with st. Pero Nakov to the intersection with st. 15th Corps, there will be changes in the traffic regime, ie complete closure of the lane where the traffic will be redirected to the opposite lane and will be performed in both directions by installing appropriate traffic signals and equipment.

Source: AMSM

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