Union of High School Students: This tragedy will be a harsh lesson for caution, empathy and solidarity

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The union of high school students sends its deepest condolences to the relatives of the victims of the latest tragedy, but also to all children, parents and citizens. There are no worthy words to describe our sadness and shock after these horrific events.

This tragedy will serve us as a harsh lesson for caution, empathy and unity, but at the most expensive price – human lives. Students of all ages feel that their safety is threatened, as well as their comfort as young people. We appeal during this period to pay close attention to mental health, especially in schools as an extremely important environment affected by this event.

The union emphasizes the additional fear and panic caused by the information chaos in the media and social networks. Our media illiteracy, although childish and innocent, has serious consequences that worsen and prolong the effect of such unfortunate events after they occur.

In addition to the information crisis, we realized that not only the youth, but the majority of citizens are in a quandary as to how to express their anger and act effectively in practice. It is evident that there is a strong revolt and that it is widely present, but there is still no positive change in reality in sight in response. We believe that this is due to the low level of familiarity with the democratic system, processes and movements.

The Union reminds the public that one of its main commitments is increased education in these areas, to prevent and better manage such situations in the future. We appeal to the institutions for more intensive work and prioritization of the development of the proposals from the White Paper of the Union, "The study of civic and financial education, media literacy and debate in secondary schools as a prerequisite for building active citizens", which day by day prove to be more and more necessary. .

Union of High School Students

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