A teammate of the dead goalkeeper jumped from the terrace to save his life

Photo: Screenshot / YouTube

Unfortunately, victims of the catastrophic earthquake continue to be counted in Turkey, at this moment the number is over 4.000, among the victims there are also athletes.

The goalkeeper of Yeni Malatyaspor, Ahmet Eyup Turkaslan lost his life under the rubble, he was magnified Christian Atsu from Hatayaspor, and the 33-year-old was lucky to be saved in the last moments Barris Basdas.

The Turkish born in Germany has been in Turkey since 2009 with the exception of one season he spent in Hannover and was a teammate of the deceased Turkaslan. He managed to save himself by he jumped from the terrace of the building where he lived. He suffered serious leg injuries, but managed to save his life.

The statement of the director of Malatyaspor also sounds poignant. Damir Ibrić which was broadcast by the Turkish media yesterday.

"I hurt my ligaments, Barris hurt his leg badly, and now we're looking for Eyup in his building."

It was in that building that the goalkeeper's lifeless body was found. Basdas' career as a football player due to the serious injury and the fall from a great height is probably over, but at the moment nobody in Turkey cares about football.

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