Sophia Loren underwent emergency surgery, she had an accident at her home

Sophia Loren at the opening of her new restaurant in Milan / October 10, 2022 / Photo: Mondadori Portfolio / ddp USA / Profimedia

According to the Italian newspaper Corriere, the Italian film diva Sophia Loren, who turned 20 on September XNUMX 89 years, ce she slipped and fell in the bathroom in his home in Geneva.

A source close to the newspaper states that Sophia Loren was immediately taken to the hospital where she was examined and diagnosed with a femur fracture, that is, several hip fractures. Due to a serious injury, she had to be operated on.

"Sofia was operated on in the afternoon with a positive outcome, now she is awaiting rehabilitation," her representatives announced.

Beside her are her two sons Edoardo and Carlo.

Namely, before the injury, and then until the operation, the Italian diva was preparing for the trip and the opening of the fourth restaurant that bears her name in Italy.

The actress was supposed to go to Bari, where she was expected on September 26 for the inauguration of a facility that will bear her name. Obviously, he will not be able to attend, but the event will still take place, local media reports. Lauren will go to Bari as soon as she recovers and of course, once she is cleared to travel by plane.

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