Sofia: The four arrested for the terrorist attack in Istanbul remain in custody

Photo: EPA / EFE

The Court of Appeal in Sofia decided to sentence the four detained in Bulgaria to permanent detention for complicity in the attack in Istanbul on November 13, Nova TV reported. As the MIA correspondent from Sofia reports, the court session was held behind closed doors, due to investigations by several special services, which contain confidential information.

The four detained in Sofia are Syrian Amran Abdulrami, Petar Topal, who has dual citizenship – Bulgarian and Moldovan, as well as Moldovan citizens Ivan Kalak and Leonid Aksakal. Apart from supporting terrorist activities, they are also accused of illegal trade and human smuggling, the prosecutor from the city prosecutor's office of Sofia, Angel Kanev, commented earlier. He explained that they have data from the Bulgarian state agency for national security and the Ministry of the Interior, as well as from foreign special services. In the detention request, the Turkish prosecutor's office submitted data from their MIT intelligence service. According to them, Syrian Amran Abdulrami, accused of the attack in Istanbul, Bilal Hasan and the group of terrorists intended to carry out more attacks, both in Turkey and in a country of the European Union, without giving more details.

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