Social workers caught breaking curfew during the pandemic will be exempt from payment, they are preparing for amnesty


A group of deputies from the government prepared a law that will amnesty the citizens-recipients of social assistance, who during the pandemic and the protective measures ordered by the state were sentenced to fines for violating the curfew or for leaving isolation. writes "SDK".

The proposed amnesty, according to the idea of ​​the deputies, will not apply to the others convicted of these crimes, and the bars, gyms and all others who violated the prohibitions during the state of emergency, introduced to prevent the massive spread of the virus that claimed thousands of lives, the portal writes.

The idea of ​​the partial amnesty for these convicts came from the Criminal Court, where the largest number of such cases ended, that is, the penal payment orders, which came from the Prosecutor's Office, after the Ministry of Internal Affairs caught the violators.

At the height of the pandemic, other cases were stopped in the courts, but the cases against people's health and life, which included the violations of anti-epidemic measures, were designated as urgent and acted upon immediately, reminds "SDK".

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