With UCHK and with the veterans directly in the EU

Ali Ahmeti, Stojanche Angelov Photo. Facebook Ahmeti, Angelov

As the campaign for the parliamentary elections intensifies, the DUI and the VMRO-DPMNE coalition are revisiting the 2001 conflict. On one side, the "defenders" threaten, and on the other, the "uncles", and the insults turn into open threats and reminders of who defeated whom.

Party leaders do not mince their words against opponents, and as the campaign for the parliamentary elections intensifies, insults turn into open threats and reminders of who won whom in the 2001 conflict. The leader of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski insists on 61 MPs to politically eliminate the "criminal and corrupt" DUI, and the DUI leader Ali Ahmeti retorts with "warlike" vocabulary.

The way things went, even though we are talking about elections in 2024, which are crucial for how Macedonia will continue its European integration path, it will not be a surprise that the leader of DUI Ali Ahmeti will come out at a rally in the uniform of the UCK with a Kalashnikov in his hands and "command" them. to voters to vote for the European Front.

The president of Dostoinstvo rushes in to help Mickoski. Stojanche Angelov, with a message to Ahmeti to raise the handbrake on time, because VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition stand behind the opposition leader, as well as the vast majority of Macedonians. The SDSM leader, on the other hand, Dimitar Kovacevski, warned that some Macedonian and Albanian parties have turned ethnic issues into professions, business and personal careers and that this must change.

Ali Ahmeti, meeting Skopje Photo: Ahmeti Facebook

 The fortress of Ahmeti was built stone by stone

Ahmeti from the rally in "Macedonia" square told Mickoski not to start a scandal.

- I traveled a little longer and I couldn't wait to come here, to your place, to say a few words to Hristijan Mickoski. Hristian Mickoski grew up with gourabies, Hristian Mickoski grew up with biscuits. I grew up in a stone tower that was burned three times by the enslavers. Christian, my people say that the fortress is built stone by stone, word by word the gossip begins, don't start gossip and choose your words, you are still young and your mouth is still flowing with milk. This European Front may be boring to some because these young people are calling out UCHK, but UCHK contributed to the democratization of Macedonia and gave even the smallest communities an identity - warned Ahmeti.

He told Mickoski to measure his words well, because the country's place is in Europe, and we can only go there together. He told those present that there is nothing that cannot be achieved and therefore to mobilize and tear down the barricades.
Mickoski replied to the DUI leader that the threats did not scare him, but made him laugh. Ahmeti's threat, according to Mickoski, is because he called for unification with the Albanian opposition and that he said right after the elections, he would contact them on the first day for joint cooperation based on principles around which they would unite.


Mickoski: What did you feed your people to buy "Soravia" today?

Mickoski, rally, Airport Photo: Dragan Mitreski/Sloboden Pechat

- On the same day, Ali Ahmeti called, answering nervously, calling me insults and a lot of threats, but he should know that his threats not only do not scare me, but also make me laugh. The threats come from a man before political retirement, less and forgotten, but still with a good throat, which he exercises by singing at state institutions and party celebrations. My childhood meal was important to Ali, hmmm... Strange, so he tries to send threats through jokes. I will answer him! My meal, Ali, was prepared by my parents with a lot of love and sacrifice in my childhood to raise and educate me into a person who will respect and fight for his Macedonia. But what does it matter? It is important, Ali, that you give an answer to what you fed your boys, so today beardless men win millions, they buy "Soravia", or else, how did they win that palace in Zayas, which is like a Middle Eastern sheikh, not a politician from poor Macedonia - said Mickoski.

According to the opposition leader's analysis, Ahmeti is nervous and in a panic, because he has been read for the first time and is about to lose.

DUi, rally Skopje Photo: Facebook Ahmeti

- The time is coming for answers to many questions. This is not 2001, but 2024, 23 years later, and DUI turned it into a criminal organization, from which both Albanians and Macedonians suffer. Very soon, starting today, biscuits and milk will be gone for you - answered Mickoski to Ahmeti.

And every time 2001 is mentioned, Angelov regularly comments, who now has Mickoski's back and told Ahmeti that the defenders of 2001 are behind the opposition leader.

- At a rally of DUI in the center of Skopje, the former commander of UCHK and current president of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, sent an open and direct threat to Hristijan Mickoski, which was accompanied by chanting: "UCHK, UCHK, UCHK", to which he joined and Ahmeti shouting loudly: "UCK, UCHK, UCHK...". I don't think I need to remind the Macedonians of the emotions the mention of the UCK evokes, and that in the center of Skopje, in the Skopje square itself, while those present waved countless Albanian flags and flags of the UCK, without a single Macedonian flag. Therefore, I tell Ali Ahmeti to be careful with threats. Mickoski is not alone. VMRO-DPMNE and the coalition stand behind him. An overwhelming majority of the Macedonian people stand behind him, but also an overwhelming majority of us, the Macedonian defenders since 2001. The same defenders who in the 2001 war defeated all the battles on the battlefield, the same defenders from whom the foreigners saved you while you were waving white flags in Arachinovo. Therefore, raise the handbrake in time, because, as Mickoski points out every day, the time is approaching for responsibility for everything that DUI did to Macedonia, starting from 2001 until today - Angelov wrote on Facebook.

After Mickoski's announcement to Ahmeti, DUI assessed that VMRO-DPMNE cannot hide their nervousness and panic from the European Front and that they are seeking help in uniting with Left, ZNAM and the Albanian opposition.

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