With EU membership itself, we are stopping emigration from our country, says Ali Ahmeti

Photo: Facebook / print screen

President of the Democratic Union for Integration (DUI) Ali Ahmeti, told the residents of Tetovo's Brvenica municipality that membership in the European Union itself will help stop the process of emigration from the country.

"We came out for the common front for Europe, because today is the right and decisive moment, that's why we started the screening that ends in November and the intergovernmental meeting must continue in order to start the full membership of our country in the EU. With EU membership itself, we stop migration from our country and help the young generations not to leave us. We have a moral and national obligation to stop migration, secure the future and reconcile people. Let's leave the past behind us and look to the future so that future generations don't deal with details and obstacles, let's remember the blood of those who sacrificed for this country, so let's unite for the EU," said Ahmeti.

He referred to the geopolitical processes and the Russian influence in the country and the region.

"The Kremlin is interested in encouraging and activating conflict volcanoes in our region, so we must work for the good of our country, build a pro-European front. The Albanians and their fellow citizens sent the country to NATO, so now we should send it to the EU, but only with a wise and unifying policy. Despite the risks, we will reach the goal because we have never lost the way to a destination if we have good intentions," said Ahmeti.

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