The opposition led by Berisha is united with the party of the Greeks in Albania

Sali Berisha / Photo: EPA / ARMANDO BABANI

The opposition led by the Democrat is gathering Sali Berisha for the local elections that will be held in Albania on May 14, 2023.

After the agreement with the Freedom Party of Ilir Meta, for a joint performance, Berisha reached such an agreement with the Party for Unity and Protection of Human Rights Vangel Dule, otherwise a party of the Greeks in Albania.

"Together we are going towards electoral triumph." A freely given vote will restore democracy to the country. According to the agreement, the Democratic Party does not have its own candidates in the municipalities where the Party of our ally Dule has already determined its candidates, Berisha announced.

Previously, Dule's party and the Greek society "Omonia" determined the candidates for mayors in Finic, Dropul and Himara, in the southern part of the country, inhabited mainly by Greeks.

In Finic, the candidate will be the current mayor Leonida Christo, in droppool, Thanas Maneka, while in Himara, Freddie Bellary.

Leonida Christo, who will seek the trust for the second time, in the last elections was the only candidate who won a mayoral position in a total of 61 municipalities, the rest were from the ruling Socialist Party, because the united opposition boycotted them.

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