With Mickoski or without him, Macedonia will continue towards the EU

Ljubisa Nikolovski
Ljubisa Nikolovski. / Photo: Free Press

Only amateurs in politics and diplomacy do not realize that behind this Government are big forces that push geostrategic projects so that small players from the "white palace" can trip them up.

The biggest opponents of Macedonia's EU membership at this moment are Rumen Radev, "Putin's agent", and Hristijan Mickoski. They both do it in different ways, but their goal is the same. Fortunately, the first one is already "happening to the people" who got tired of the "temporary" solo rule in the conditions of political crisis in Bulgaria, during which period he Russified the country. The protests that took place in Sofia these days are a reaction to Bulgaria's departure from the EU and NATO and the danger of pro-Russian forces in the Bulgarian parliament.

It is only a matter of time when Macedonian citizens will also "burst the film" that the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE has been projecting to them for months against the constitutional amendments, against the EU and the USA, and especially against Macedonia, which is very reminiscent of a scenario from the production of " Mosfilm". But neither Radev nor Mickoski realize that Macedonia's entry into the EU is a done deal. The doors of Brussels are open and it seems that former Bulgarian Minister of Defense and honorary leader of VMRO-BND Krasimir Karakachanov is most aware of this. He only now realizes that Macedonian diplomacy has already completed its work without Bulgaria having any idea what is happening in the diplomatic circles in Brussels and Washington:

There is no greater proof of the successfully completed mission of Bujar Osmani than this confession of Karakachanov: "If we continue to doze off in the same way, not only will Skopje not be forced by Brussels to make any changes in relations with Bulgaria, but Bulgaria will also fall out guilty. There are several precedents in the past three weeks that we should note. First, the fact that the Macedonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bujar Osmani, actively visited the institutions in Brussels, visited and held meetings with various groups of MEPs, at which he slandered Bulgaria honestly, without any name. Skopje is trying to turn the report in its favor and almost made Bulgaria guilty. This is an unprecedented case in the practice of the European Parliament and the bureaucrats in Brussels - that a candidate country allows itself to make such statements and conduct such rhetoric against a member state. This has not been allowed so far," says Karakachanov.

He accuses that in all this there is also external pressure from the USA because, he says, what Prime Minister Kovacevski said in Reykjavik was repeated by the American ambassador in Skopje, Angela Ageler - in a milder form, but in the same sense.

So that only amateurs in politics and diplomacy don't realize that behind this government are big forces, which push big geostrategic projects, so that small players from the "white palace" can trip them up. Blinken, Macron, Ursula, Scholz, are names behind which the leading countries in international politics stand, and which most openly stood behind the moment of constitutional changes. This does not mean that this Government has been given a blank confirmation that it will "get by" without tough reforms in key areas that are now out of control. But first, the file on open negotiations for membership must be closed, with the help of VMRO-DPMNE, and then the reform "grinding machine" dictated by the same people who gave it the "passport" for membership will work. From there, it seems that Macedonia will continue its initial path to the EU with or without Mickoski. It is up to him to decide which route he will take, whether he will travel by train or by boat.

(The author is a journalist)


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