For months, no one has stopped the construction of the 17-story building in Karposh, even though the building permit is incomplete

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Some of the citizens doubt that the construction permit will never be taken away from the developer and that the Municipality, as they say, will not stop the construction until it is too late and too expensive to stop it.

Three months have passed since the conservation opinion for the 17-story building behind the Bucharest Polyclinic was annulled, but the building continues to be built, and the Municipality of Karpos still has no reaction or solution to stop the construction. The investors ZSF-KOM and "Delta 2015 Construction" currently hold a construction permit that the Municipality issued in January of this year based on the previous positive conservation opinion issued in November of last year.

It caused reactions and protests from carposhans and civil society organizations, which claimed that this opinion was illegal. Therefore, they submitted petitions to the Ministry of Culture and to the Conservation Center with a request for its cancellation, but the institutions only announced after the construction permit was issued. The conservator's opinion was annulled only on February 21, on the grounds that it is not in accordance with the Rulebook on the form and content of the form of the conservator's opinion and on the form and content of the form of the request for the issuance of the conservator's opinion.

Photo: Free Press

We again asked the Municipality for an answer as to whether a decision will finally be made to stop the construction, i.e. to cancel the construction permit or not, and an explanation on what legal basis the Municipality allows the construction to continue without a document that is necessary for construction in a protected area. And again the same answer came from there.

We inform you that according to Article 95 of the Law on General Administrative Procedure, Official Gazette 124/15, until the expiration of the deadlines provided for initiating an administrative dispute against Decision No. 02.242/3 of 20.3.2024, adopted by the Board of Directors of the National Institution Conservation Center - Skopje, for the reasons that the resolution, i.e. the final conclusion of the entire procedure, is a prerequisite to decide on the case itself, and it represents an independent legal issue for which a competent court or some other public body is competent to resolve, Municipality of Karposh - Urban Planning Department cannot act that is, he will not take any administrative actions - Karposh informed.

The conservation center canceled the positive opinion about the tower in Karposh, the Municipality is on the move

On the ground where the controversial 17-story building is to be built, machinery is working from morning to night, humming and buzzing, and investors have already started offering the apartments for sale.

 The monster building is being built day and night, 20 hours a day, it is being knocked down, it is being polluted, it is being built as fast as possible in order to get to the realization for which, in the event of revoking the building permit, we would demand a huge amount for damages. And to top it all, they set up a crane outside the fenced plot, across the street, so they transfer loads across the street, from one plot to another, over the heads of people and vehicles, why is the street free for traffic even when a load is hanging over your head. Building inspector, head of competent department, is there or not, are they watching or turning a blind eye!? How worthless the common man is, the builder's commodity is allowed at the cost of human lives - comments a resident of Karposh.

Photo: Free Press

Citizens living near the construction site complain that they have no peace until late hours due to noise and knocking. They say that pedestrian crossings are also inaccessible, which are fenced off on one side, and on the other side vehicles and trucks are parked for the needs of the construction site. According to them, such disregard for the safety of citizens is unprecedented, and no institution in the country prevents this arbitrariness. They doubt that the construction permit will never be taken away from the developer and that the Municipality of Karposh, as they say, will not stop the construction until it is too late and too expensive to stop it.

It is interesting that after three months of work, scraping and noise on the construction site, no serious progress in the construction can be seen on the ground. Everything looks the same as in the photos taken shortly after construction began.

The conservative opinion for the 17-story building in Karposh will be annulled, but it is uncertain whether the building permit will also be "cancelled"

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