With a concert by the academic choir "Mirce Acev", the Center for Culture in Tetovo will start the annual cultural program

Tetovo Culture Center/Photo: Sloboden Pechat

"75 years of choral love" is the title of the concert of the academic choir "Mirce Acev" from Skopje, which will be held at the "Iljo Anteski-Smok"-Tetovo cultural center on Saturday, March 2, starting at 19 p.m. With this concert, the implementation of the annual cultural program of this institution, supported by the Ministry of Culture, begins.

"The academic choir is visiting us after a break of over ten years. We believe that it will be a great spectacle for the city, considering the capacity of the choir and conductor Jasmina Gjorgjevska. The academic choir will collaborate with local artists, that is, the children's choir at the State Music School "Todor Skalovski-Tetoec" will perform under the conductor Fotini Georgiadis - Kirov and piano accompaniment," said the director of the Ili Anteski smok Tetovo Culture Center Vulnet Feizulahi.

It is an audio and visual rich stage performance with a 90-minute concert performance of a dozen compositions by Macedonian and foreign authors.

The Culture Center announces a rich annual cultural program.

"A large number of local and foreign artists will perform this year." After a long break of ten years, the Tetovo rock group Elita 5 will have a concert, there will be several drama performances, individual and collective exhibitions, a graphic colony, concerts and performances of folklore societies, etc., said Feizulahi.

Director Feizulahi also announced the reconstruction of the building, i.e. the inner part of the large hall, supply of air conditioners which are necessary especially in the summer period, where due to the high temperatures in the months of July and August events are rarely held in the Culture Center.

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