With compromising photos, they extorted 18.630 euros from a tattoo artist

Yesterday at 19:50 in the Tetovo village of Mala Recica, police officers detained 33-year-old Z.D. from the village of Golema Recica, Tetovo and 60-year-old J.A. from the village of Pirok, Tetovo.

"After the measures taken, it was determined that from the middle of January 2023, Z.D. on several occasions he extorted a total of 18.630 euros from a person from Tetovo, blackmailing him to publish photos with compromising content. According to the report, Z.D. on several occasions he organized the delivery of the money through J.A., a taxi driver in Tetovo. Namely, he called the victim and told him to hand over the money to J.A., who later delivered it to him. The same thing was done yesterday, during which they were caught by police officers while handing over the money, said Marjan Josifoski, spokesperson of SVR Tetovo.

The person Z.D. is kept in the police station and after the case is fully documented, an appropriate report will be filed against both of them.

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