With the votes of SDSM, Left and "Poinaku" the managements of the Bitola public enterprises were dismissed, the councilors from VMRO-DPMNE left the session

Photo: Vaska M. Mladenovska / Sloboden pechat

A little while ago, after almost a ten-hour debate, the majority constituted today for the first time in the Council of the Municipality of Bitola, which consists of councilors from SDSM, the independent list "Poinaku" and Left, with a total of 18 votes "for" dismissed the management and supervisory boards of six city public enterprises.

Before the vote, the councilors of VMRO-DPMNE, who had procedural objections to placing the item for the dismissal of the management and supervisory boards on the agenda, left the session.

The administrative and supervisory boards of the public enterprises: "Vodovod", "Komunalec", "Markets", "Parkingzi", the industrial zone "Zhabeni", as well as the Cultural and Information Center in the city have been dismissed.

The only public company that was not on the agenda for the dismissal of the management and supervisory board remained PE "Niskogradva".

The negative results and losses shown by the six Bitola public enterprises were cited as the reason for the dismissal of the members of the management and supervisory boards.

Leaving the session, the councilors of VMRO-DPMNE said that the mayor of Bitola Toni Konjanovski will not sign the decision to dismiss the management and supervisory boards.

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