The program of the 13th Philosophical Film Festival begins with a film by Ivo Trajkov

Photo from the film "Unchristened Days" by Ivo Trajkov

The 2022th edition of the Philosophical Film Festival will begin with a screening of the film "Unchristened Days" (2) by director Ivo Trajkov, on June 20, at 13 p.m., at the Cinematheque of S Macedonia.

The director Ivo Trajkov is one of the exclusive festival guests with whom the audience will have the opportunity to engage in a discussion after the screening of the film. As a prelude to the projection, there will be a musical performance by Filip Bukrshliev and Andrea Mirceska, emissaries of the New Macedonian wave of jazz music.

- The film "Unchristened Days" (Piargy) has been shown at a number of festivals and won a number of awards, but I wanted the premiere screening in Macedonia to be something extraordinary. From that point of view, it seems to me that the very idea of ​​a philosophical film festival is something unique and beyond the borders of Macedonia. Philosophy is present in every film, as an integral part of life. Some theosophical aspects also appear in this film - said director Trajkov on the occasion of the festival premiere.

The festival which nurtures and promotes the intellectual, philosophical-aesthetic dimension of the seventh art, during the eight festival days (June 2-9) in the Cinematheque of S Macedonia, will offer the audience about 40 films, about 50 events, and there will be About 15 guests.

In the competitive program, there will be six films in competition for the "Golden Owl" award from the expert jury and the audience for Best Feature Film, all shown for the first time in Macedonia, including one Macedonian co-production.

Namely, we are talking about the above-mentioned film ("Unchristened Days") by our famous director Ivo Trajkov ("The Big Water", "Honey Night"), who has been living, creating and teaching at the prestigious FAMU in Prague for many years. "Unbaptized Days" captivates with gorgeous visuals and an apocalyptic story set on the eve of World War II.

As part of the competition program from June 3, the Colombian film "Kings of the World" by Laura Mora, the Japanese "Plan 75" by the director Chie Hayakawa, then another strong debut film, "1976", this time by the young Chilean director, will be shown. Manuela Martelli, as well as Amirhossein Asghari's Iranian The Last Snow.

The last film from the feature film selection is connected with the special guest of this year's edition of the Festival, i.e. the last film of the world-famous director, Krzysztof Zanussi, "The Perfect Number", a film that will be presented by the director himself in Skopje.

There will be 15 films from several countries in the world: USA, Canada, Finland, South Africa, Netherlands, Portugal, Costa Rica, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, China and Greece.

Before the start of the first night of screenings of short films, and as part of the "Godard" Focus, his short film "In the Darkness of Time" will be screened.

The selector of the official selection of feature films is prof. Kiril Trajchev, MA, while Dr. Dejan Zdravkov took care of the selection of short films; the films in the Review program, in cooperation with the guests of the festival, are filtered by Sladjan Penev and Ana Dishlieska Mitova.

The jury for the official feature film competition consists of: Dr. Elizabeta Sheleva (professor at the Blaze Koneski Faculty of Philology at UKIM), Dr. Luis Martin Arias (professor at the University of Valladolid, Spain) and Dr. Neil Kennedy ( professor at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland).

The awards in the official competition of short films will be decided by a jury consisting of: Natasha Nedelkova (interdisciplinary artist and researcher), Tom Dockal (film critic, Luxembourg) and Ana Jakimska (director and screenwriter).

The motto of this year's edition of the FFF is "Everything is film, in the plural", and is inspired by the great film giant of the French New Wave Jean-Luc Godard (1930-2022), for whom the festival is preparing a special interprogram focus. In honor of the festival focus, the series that the director prepared and recorded for 10 years, the cult "(I)stories of the film", will be shown on the big screen for the first time.

The festival is organized by the Philosophical Society of Macedonia in cooperation with the Faculty of Philosophy at UKIM in Skopje and the Cinematheque of S Macedonia.

Institutional supporters of FFF are the Film Agency and the Ministry of Culture. In the preparation of the edition, the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in Skopje, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Skopje, MEDIA DeskMK, the Museum of Contemporary Art Skopje, as well as numerous other long-term collaborators and friends of the festival provided significant support.

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