With a jingle of keys, Italy said goodbye to Julia and raised an uproar against violence

A huge number of people bid farewell to Giulia in front of the Basilica of Santa Giustina in central Padua - EPA photo, Nicola Fossella

Thousands of people in Padua took to the streets to pay their respects to Giulia Cecchettin, the 22-year-old girl killed by her boyfriend, but also to raise an uproar against violence against women in Italy, which is usually silenced in the country with a strong patriarchal tradition.

Bell against violence – Photo Profimedia

Julia was killed just days before completing her studies in biomedicine. The photo of her empty chair on the day the young girl was supposed to graduate shocked the entire nation.

The student went missing on November 11, and her body was found a week later. Her partner Filippo Touretto, who is detained in Germany, was accused of the murder. He confessed to the crime and said he could not forgive Julia for breaking up the relationship. He is now awaiting trial in custody in Italy.

Salutation "Julia, we love you!" displayed on the basilica - Photo Profimedia

The funeral ceremony in Padua was broadcast live on state television. Her father Gino urged the Italians to make Giulia's funeral a starting point to stop murders and all kinds of violence against women. The forgiveness ended with a mass ringing of keys, as a symbolic call not to silence the violence.

The bereaved family – brother Davide, sister Elena and father Gino – Photo EPA, Marco Albertini

Cecchettin's murder sparked mass protests across Italy, forcing Giorgia Meloni, the first female prime minister in Italy's history, to publicly pledge to do everything she could to protect women, starting with a campaign in schools.

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