With EU membership, the "Macedonian issue" is completely closed, Mile Zecevic from SDSM told the Romanians

Photo: SDSM

"The so-called 'Macedonian question', which for centuries certain forces have wanted to keep open for their own interests, is completely closed with our membership in the EU", SDSM General Secretary Mile Zečević Vardarski told the sympathizers of the village of Rosoman in Kavadarci today.

- We have traveled a very long and bumpy road and we have managed to overcome all obstacles. Now we have a historic chance to ensure a European future for all citizens, a better standard of living and to close all national and identity issues forever. Because with EU membership, the Macedonian issue is completely closed. We are becoming an equal partner at the big table, side by side with the big European states. We need to unite, be wise, put the state and national interest above everything and make a decision, vote for Europe. The choice is integration or isolation, Zecevic said.

He also spoke to the Romanians about the benefits of EU membership for citizens, farmers and young people.

- EU membership means access for Macedonian farmers to a market of over 400 million inhabitants, without any obstacles or barriers. So access to new and larger agricultural funds, different financial assistance for greater production. For young people, it means a chance for better education, good wages and work according to European standards at home, Zecevic said.

The chairman of the party commission for transport and communications, Mitko Trajchuleski, spoke to the residents of Rosoman about SDSM's investments in infrastructure.

– A large investment cycle is underway. In this region, the construction of the Gradsko-Drenovo, and Drenovo-Farish expressway is already actively underway, the section near Pletvar has been reconstructed, and the implementation of the strategic project for the Prilep-Bitola highway has begun. We continue to invest in quality infrastructure, Trajchuleskii said.

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