The deadly "zombie" drug has arrived in the region: the first overdoses have been recorded in Croatia

The dangerous drug known to young Americans as the zombie drug "fentanyl" is no longer just an American problem. It has already appeared among foreign citizens and tourists in Croatia, said Krunoslav Capak, director of HZJZ.

Medicinal fentanyl exists in Croatia. It is used for severe pain in the terminal stage of the disease. It is prescribed according to a strict, special protocol.

"There is no illegal production and distribution of fentanyl in Croatia." Until now, there has been no seizure, and what has happened on several occasions is the misuse of legally produced fentanyl, which is used as a medicine," explained Željko Petkovic, assistant director of the WHO.

It is considered the most lethal drug because even the smallest amounts are dangerous. It is a synthetic opioid, and fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin, it says.

"You have seen the last case and there is a doubt that it is the result of consumption of that type of drug, but we have not seized that type of drug yet, but we should not run away from it in the near future that we will have seizures of that type of drug as well," he said Nikola Milina, Chief of Police.

The drug market in the rest of the world is flooded with fentanyl, so Minister Willy Berosh advises young people.

"We heard alarming information about his danger. That is why I invite all young people and those who will get the opportunity to use this drug, it is extremely dangerous and should be avoided altogether," he said.

It is a drug where even minimal amounts are fatal.

"With illegally produced fentanyl, which is mostly found in powder, it can also be found in tablets, the problem is that it is not known in what concentration it is used. If we are talking about one gram of fentanyl, 600 doses can be made from it, which an addict could use," explained Zeljko Petkovic.

Addicts often consume it with other drugs – not knowing what the required dose is. It is not surprising because the number of deaths in America from fentanyl has reached historic proportions – in just one year 100.000 people died from the dangerous drug.

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