Figs ravaged a dovecote in a pinch, feathers everywhere

Figs destroyed a dovecote in Lakavica, Stip/Photo: Vane Stankov

Figs in the atar of Lakavica, Stipsko, killed and ate a large number of pigeons from the dovecote.

The dovecote is the property of Vane Stankov and he for described the gruesome sight:

- On the weekend, I went to the summer house where I have a pigeon house and I saw devastation. Feathers on all sides and traces of various reptiles. I took a few photos with my mobile phone, and when I went to the other side of the dovecote I found a smoker more than a meter long holding a pigeon in its mouth. I took another photo and when I thought what to do, in a fraction of a second the fig retreated into the field, said the owner Vane Stankov, who found the figs.

Previously, Vane's dovecote was the target of thieves who stole some of his pigeons, but he managed to get them back with the help of the police, and this time the figs also destroyed the eggs for the young pigeons.

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