The heating bills have arrived, but some without the new data reported by the citizens

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One month late and with a payment deadline of December 15 were delivered to the people of Skopje in the past period heating bills for October. As explained by AD ESM, the delay was due to the necessary technical preparations for their preparation, and simultaneously with the preparation of the invoices, the transfer of consumer data from BEG to ESM Supply took place, in a legally determined procedure according to the Law on Personal Data Protection. There is still no word on when the bills for November will arrive.

ESM Heat Supply created the heat energy invoices for the month of October, their delivery has been completed, and their collection is in progress. The production of the invoices also included a procedure for taking over the consumer data by ESM - Heat supply from the previous heat energy supplier, Heat supply Balkan Energy. Those consumers who have already concluded a contract with ESM Heat Supply and changed their data, the data is being updated in accordance with the contracts - they say from ESM.

In the past period, citizens whose homes are connected to the heating system with thermal energy had the obligation to conclude contracts with ESM. They could do that directly at one of the three points for that purpose or download the electronic form of the contract, fill it in and deliver it to one of the points. However, some of the consumers received the same bills as previously delivered by BEG, without making the specified changes in the new contracts.

For two apartments, the heating bills were in my name, but in the meantime the ownership of one apartment has been transferred to my son. We stated that precisely in the new contracts that we submitted to the ESM, with the number of the title deed, with the specified cadastral parcel, with the transaction account, email address and everything else that we were asked to enter in the contract form. We delivered the contracts to the post office in Taftalidze on November 4. And now, the bills for October arrived again for both apartments in my name and to my email. So why did we make new contracts then, why did we waste time bringing them to the punt? – says a resident of Karposh indignantly.

The ESM says that something like this could have happened if the new contracts with the new data were submitted after the accounts for October were drawn up.

For the specific case, it is important to know on which date the new data was reported by the specified owner, that is, whether it was done after the deadline for closing the accounts for October. In that case, the modified will be taken into account in the bill for November. Of course, any consumer can contact the customer care phone numbers and e-mail, and report their individual case for full clarification in the interest of both parties – the company explains.

So, if residents of Skopje who heat with heating have any problem with their bills, they can call the Consumer Care Center at phone numbers 02/ 3076 200 and 075 400 100, which is available to citizens 24 hours a day.

In relation to the payment methods for overdue bills, ESM recently explained that consumers will be able to pay invoices without commission at the ESM Supply collection points in the Airport, in Taftalidze and more recently in the City Shopping Center, in the building of the ESM Directorate. which was newly opened for that purpose, after the closure of the point near the Olympic pool. The working hours of the points are from Monday to Friday from 08:18 to 9:13 and on Saturdays from 30:XNUMX to XNUMX:XNUMX.

Consumers who have concluded an agreement for the collection of heat energy invoices through a standing order will receive instructions from the parent bank on how to proceed or will be notified to direct the payment to the new supplier. Those consumers, on the other hand, who pay with a payment order, over the counter in a bank or through electronic banking, in the saved templates, i.e. PP payment orders, will need to check and enter the giro account of ESM Supply specified on the invoices.
The company also informs that they are intensively preparing for citizens to have all the possibilities for paying their bills as before, such as the services "fast payment" and EPAY - the service, which they will inform about further.

As for when Skopje residents will receive the new contracts, ESM says that it will happen in the next period, when all those who signed a supply contract will receive their copy of the Heat Energy Contract at their address.

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