An employee in the Municipality of Kavadarci refused a bribe of 500 euros, reported the bribe-takers from Skopje

Two people from Skopje received a criminal report after they tried to bribe an official from the Municipality of Kavadarci with 500 euros, but she reported them, the Ministry of the Interior said.

"Today (March 29.03.2023, 34) the Kavadarci Criminal Investigation Department filed a criminal complaint against B.S. (60) and J.S. (358), both from Skopje, due to the existence of a well-founded suspicion that they committed the crime of "giving a bribe", foreseen and punishable according to article 1 paragraph 29.12.2022 of the Criminal Code. The two persons committed the crime on 09.30 around 500:100 a.m. in the Municipality of Kavadarci, where they bribed an employee of the Department of Urban Planning in the amount of XNUMX euros in denominations of XNUMX euros each, in order not to perform an official action that she had to performed it - supervision of construction works", said the police.

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