Slovenia plans to charge hospital costs for the unvaccinated

covid-19 hospital
Covid Hospital-19 / Photo: EPA-EFE / DIMI CHAROUSIS

In Slovenia, which is currently experiencing a decline in epidemiological trends but still has a burdensome health system with covid-19 wool, consideration is being given to imposing some kind of fine on those who are not vaccinated and will end up in hospital due to coronavirus.

This was confirmed in an interview with Slovenian Radio by Bojana Bejovi., The chief infectologist in the government epidemic council and president of the Medical Chamber.

- On one side are those who were responsible and were vaccinated, and on the other those who do not want to be vaccinated but still enjoy all the benefits, says Beovic, adding that there are initiatives for the unvaccinated who will end up in hospital to pay additional co-payment, ie part of the cost of their treatment.

She believes that paying a co-payment for the unvaccinated would be a fair solution. However, Beovic opposes the introduction of a mandatory vaccine because he believes it would have the opposite effect and provoke public opposition to immunization. She believes that some employers should set vaccinations for their employees as a condition of work, but only if there are legal possibilities for that.

In Slovenia in the last 24 hours there are 2.100 new infected with coronavirus, ie about 500 less than the previous days. However, the number of hospitalized has not decreased yet.


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