Slovenia has a problem with vaccine addicts, they pay hundreds of euros to be vaccinated more than once

Vaccination in France
Vaccination / Photo: EPA-EFE / Caroline Blumberg

In Slovenia, the problem is growing with people willing to vaccinate for a few hundred euros - and not just once.

Ljubljansko Delo writes that these are mostly people with lower financial status who are ready to be vaccinated instead of richer "anti-vaccines" who need confirmation.

A story is circulating at the Infectious Diseases Clinic about an addict from Ljubljana, who has allegedly been vaccinated 23 times so far.

The journalists of this newspaper got in touch with the young man who has been officially vaccinated four times so far. He claims that the demand for "vaccinated replacement" has been in power since May.

The growing problem calls into question the methods used to identify the people being vaccinated, writes the Slovenian newspaper.

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