Slovenia is strengthening border controls due to illegal migration

Photo: MIA

Following Italy's example, Slovenia is strengthening border controls due to illegal migration.

As he unofficially finds out 24 ed, the police set up checkpoints immediately after the border crossings where they can safely stop vehicles in the following places: at the railway overpass in the town of Rigonce at the Harmitsa crossing, at the Trnovec checkpoint near Metlica, Obrežje near Kalin, but also on the border with Italy - in the cities Rakitovec, Podgorje and Socherga in the area of ​​PU Koper.

Behind the Obrežje border crossing, the largest road crossing between Croatia and Slovenia, the police organized patrols.

They state that after Croatia's entry into Schengen, the number of migrants illegally coming to Slovenia has increased. From the beginning of this year to the end of August, the Slovenian police processed 36.137 illegal border crossings between Slovenia and Croatia. In the same period last year, 13.601 unauthorized entries were processed.

They also add that the number of illegal border crossings across Europe is increasing. Despite Schengen, Austria has been expanding border control with Slovenia and Hungary for a long time.

The European border protection agency Frontex announced a few days ago that, given the recent increase in the number of migrants arriving on the island of Lampedusa, it will increase its support for Italy.

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